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Yoga, Sound & Healing Workshops

Yin Yoga

A slow paced meditative style of Yoga incorporating the principles of Chinese Medicine.  Postures are held for longer to encourage release into the muscles and joints of the body. The postures stimulate the  Meridian Lines of the body, bring peace to the mind and body and an interconnecting practice.

2nd February

1st March

3rd April

31st April

We collaborate with Yoga with Lis to deliver a range of experiences throughout the year.

International Women's Day

Sunday 3rd March 2024

@ Cross Barn Odiham

13.00 -19.00

Summer Evening of Yoga & Mindfulness

Friday 21st June 2024

@Bisley Yurt

16.00 - 21.00


Taking Yoga Off Your Mat

Explore Yoga as an Everyday Lifestyle

Sunday November 2024

@ Cross Barn Odiham

10.00 - 16.00


Reiki Level I, II & III

Reiki Attunement Days


Reiki 1 - Shoden

Saturday 2nd March 2024

1 Day 



Reiki 2

(You must have completed 

Reiki 1 at least 3 months prior)

Sunday 30th March 2024

1 Day


Also  available 1-2-1 by appointment.

Please get in touch to explore the best choice for you and your journey.


Breathing for Release

An opportunity to release the stresses and strains we gather during every day life. It is well documented that breathing practices and patterns can help to calm the mind and body but a good underlying fully functioning breath is vital.

31st January

27th March

5th June



Drum Circles & Meditations 

We Hold Monthly Full Moon Drumming Circles to raise our energetic vibrations, join our community and celebrate the Lunar Cycle.

Held at an incredible Arctic Hut with a central fire within a secluded wild garden. 

25th January

24th February

25th March

24th April

23rd May


We also collaborate with The Shamanic Alchemist to bring unique drumming meditation experiences.


Drumming facilitates energetic cleansing and balancing through the vibration of sound and meditation. You will be taken on a guided journey and be immersed 

in sound therapy.

16th January

7th February

20th February

6th March

12th March

10th April

14th May


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